Become Social

When you install Embedded Chat your site immediately becomes social. Your visitors will get a much better way communicate with you and each others using our group chat rooms.

Get Real Time Feedback

Having Embedded Chat in your site will provide you a real time feedback from your visitors. This will allow you to know what they think and what they like of your site.

Increase Traffic

A better social experience will lead to more visits on your site. In addition your visitors will be able to invite their social networks friends to come and see it.

Simple but Powerful

This is how the embedded chat would look on your site. You can test it live here.

EmbeddedChat Features

These are some of the embedded chat features. We plan to develop a lot more.
Keep an eye over your admin panel to see news. And even submit your feature request using our custom plan.

Fully customizable

Choose the theme you like or create your own. Also customize the widget html and css if you want.

Social Networking

Allow the users to login with Facebook, Twitter, or just by picking a nickname. Provide them a way to bring their friends to your site.

Multiple Chat Rooms

Create chat channels / groups as you like. Use different channels based on the url.

Chat Admin Panel

Manage everything from the admin panel. Chat with your visitors across multiple channels. Customize your admin profile pick and nickname. Block troublesome users.

Dead Simple Install

Just paste the javascript integration code once on your site header. It's that simple.

Javascript API Access

Use our javascript API to send message from outside the chat or to login users with your own authentication mechanism.

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